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The Nocturnal Originxz Of Mexzmiriah! Mexzmiriah's Homeland; Wildernexz is a land of beauty, mystery and nocturnalxz. Having an almost infinite source of wood and stone it is most precious to the empire of Luhaxz. – The Legion Mexzmiriah is destined to destroy.

The Oxziis, Sea Travelers and Mexzmiriah's allies in need are welcome to take the wood for their ships and fortresses as they please as long as they make it their mission destroy those Luhaxzians, and not kill the heart of Wildernexz. Mexzmiriah just has to hope that the Myxztrii and Wildernexz would not be threatened by their own gifts…

Published May 01, 2016
PublisherFrancois O'Kennedy
Release date in 2 years
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)